Redeclaring independence is not a light or transient decision; understand this, we go forth knowing our grievances are such that no other choice is right and just but to redeclare our independence, separating ourselves from a most tyrannical form of government now ruling the people.     We have worked diligently in order to secure changes in our form of rule, asking for redress of grievances facing citizens, demanding fiscal responsibility and demanding our Supreme Law, the Constitution be strictly adhered to and upheld by all citizens, including all elected officials; yet this has not been done, our elected officials have ignored ‘We the People’, going so far as to call patriots, homegrown terrorists.  We see no other choice but to ReDeclare our Independence, abolishing all tyrannical rule, re-establishing and restoring our original form of free government, returning all laws to within Constitutionality and placing America back unto its secure freedom foundation.

We are a united nation, working for the just cause of securing our Liberty and freedoms so given to us by our Founding Fathers. All those opposing freedom may find a place outside our borders; we shall not tolerate any group or individual acting against our security. Freedom of speech, and religion are freedoms we uphold and rejoice in having, but this does not give any group or individual the right to hurt or harm another group or individual in expressing your rights, express your right while breaching our nation’s security and you have abused your right; it shall not be tolerated, do not expect it. We believe all men are created equal, we do not believe in intolerance to others by means of race, creed or sex; do not expect us to hold one race, creed or sex be held higher than another or treated differently. We believe in the pursuit of happiness, this does not mean you are entitled to happiness or prosperity; all men have an equal opportunity and there shall be no coercion of a man’s labored pay in taxation in order to give to another of lesser means. If a man succeeds in his labors, he shall not be punished or demands put upon him in the form of taxation, in order to provide to others less successful; such taxation inhibits a man’s motivation for further success. All those unfortunate in their means, shall be so entitled to necessary food and shelter but expect no luxuries. We are a people of generous hearts and left to our own methods shall take care of each other and be so motivated to prosper under free capitalistic society, using competition.

A nation believing  the roots begin in the earth, shall find themselves a prosperous nation; agrarian roots keep nations free, such is America. Our nation shall return to its roots, giving cause for our land to nourish our people, giving prosperity to our future and making way for working, free people. From all agrarian societies all other methods of commerce springs; America, shall find abundant prosperity; from the food chain, to manufacturing to technology, the seeds of agrarian work today sprouts tomorrow’s commerce.

Are you united in bringing America back upon a foundation of peace and prosperity of strength and self-reliance?  Become part of the solution, stand tall and strong, sign the ReDeclaration of Independence.  Freedom is not free, we pay for it, we work for it, every citizen keeping an attentive watch is the guardian of freedom, do your part.

We are at a point where despotism is ruling over us, regaining our Liberty is not easy; it is far easier to succumb quietly to despotism than to fight for liberty, but to fight for liberty is right and just no matter the price.

Liberty – Be Victorious!


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