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Why do we re-Declare?

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Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.   Th. Jefferson

A ReDeclaration of Independence is not a light decision; making every man consider the consequences, staying within the quiets of despotism, or stepping out into the turbulent waters keeping Liberty. No one wants for turmoil, or asks of it; the very thought makes a man hesitate but it is the consequence of letting the waters pass, giving way to it for the quiet place where freedom does not exist.

You think, so long as you are quiet you are safe, but not so; your time on earth by the convenience of the despotic rule is waged and numbered based on despotic agenda. You are a commodity, with no name, no emotion given you; mind you business and live a little longer, get old and sick, your time meets its end.

So you debate,  to ReDeclare your Independence; is it right and just or a frivolous move of common day grassroot movements.  Do you contemplate life as a simple time, with the ugly world spinning about you, never going to touch you; such ugliness does not touch the common citizens, or does it? History says it does, who are we to argue history or do we and allow it to repeat itself?

Our Founding Fathers debated, separate or stay with Britain; separation brought challenges but brought citizens a chance to build a country without the entanglements of government of power over the people, in all they did , thought and felt; staying with Britain never would bring them peace, but always keep them subservient to the King. The latter was easy, with no fight, only lay down and accept it. Freedom was not easy or free, it cost lives, households and holdings. The decision was not easy, they made it nonetheless, because it was the right and just thing; with facts in hand and liberty at heart, they did what was needed for peace and freedom. The Declaration of Independence, signed and delivered, opened the path to our future of freedom.

Today we face, not the same grievances, but they are abundant and our government has become a government of rule, far from the simple government of the people given us in the Constitution.  The poor document, is abused, ignored and trampled on, making us believe it is not needed; if we love our freedom, it needs picking up. and putting back onto its rightful foundation.

Do we ReDeclare our Independence or allow freedom to pass us by with Liberty in the turbulent waters,  seeking solace under the rule of despotic rule by our White House?  The choice is with the people. 


ReDeclare Your Independence

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It has become the time for all Americans, unite for the right and just cause of saving America. We can no longer go about the business of the day, reacting to the news of the day without deciding we have reached a point of tyrannical overload; bringing us to the decision of ReDeclaring our Independence.
We do not make this choice lightly, it is not a matter of a few discontent, but a whole nation of people, who’s silence has broken, and free speech exercised.
It is a time for resolve, for all citizens speaking as one; giving notice to all within the powers of government, cease tyrannical rule, abide by the Constitution and allow for the restoration of America begin.
We understand the journey to restoration is not an easy one or one taken lightly, but restoration is the right thing for America, citizens of this free nation deserve no less. Too long has the majority been silent, slumbering on beds of complacency while corruption stole their rights, like thieves in the night; today the majority is awake, no longer shall corruption steal away with their rights, citizens with wide open eyes demand full restoration and abolishing of all un-Constitutional laws, enactments, and mandates.
We encourage Americans, be involved, become a part of the solution and resolve of America. A most patriotic action is one with a stroke of your hand; signing the ReDeclaration of Independence, a monumental move, for the right cause.

Yours In Liberty,
A Jeffersonian

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